Samplers And Loop Players


by: hardoff
description: 2 channel sample looper with live effects added via keyboard input.
requires pd-extended
for linux/mac:
for windows:

sound editor 0.0.1 .pd

by hardoff



open, save

play/stop/loop zoom in/out

copy, paste, cut, crop


normalize, gain, mix, delete, silence, reverse, fade in/out

pitch change playback

much more is planned for this. but i have another project for a little while.

it should work in vanilla pd, but i just tried it on my linux machine and realized that an older computer with a low resolution monitor won't show the entire patch. version 2 will probably fix that as well. also i still haven't added record from adc~, also will be added in version 2.

also, there is no readme or instructions, but it should all be pretty straight forward.

the 2 sliders below the arrays are for left edge select and right edge select. mix,paste etc all begin at the left edge. make sure you keep the right edge select in front of the left edge, or else weird stuff might happen and pd could crash. i will add a safeguard for that in version 2 as well.

also, long vertical slider on the left hand side changes pitch. this is a handy function which i have never seen in a sound editor before

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